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  1. How do I get a Quote for a new building ?
  2. Why use a General Contractor ?
  3. Can I Build it Myself... ?
  4. Do our Buildings meet Windstorm Requirements.. ?
  5. How Long Does It Take - Timeframe... ?
  6. What Areas of Texas Do You Build In ... ?

How do I get a quote  ?

[Simply give us a call or email us with the information as to Size, Location, Use, Doors, Windows, Overhead Doors, Etc. It normally takes us about a week to prepare a complete proposal for your building. Our proposals are in booklet form and include the proposal, building specifications, wire-line drawings, color charts, insurance certificates, terms dictionary as well as information about our company.]

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Why use a General Contractor.. ?

[This very simple, General Contractors are familiar with National, State and Local Building Codes. We are accustomed to dealing with City & County Agencies. This helps to eliminate the headaches involved with building a new structure as well as the possibility of an individual being fined by an agency for non-compliance of some rule or regulation. ]

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Can I Build it Myself.. ?

[The answer is YES!  Synergy Building Systems, Inc. will be glad to sell you just the building. We are a Turn-Key type builder - meaning - we can do everything or any part of the construction you need help with. This includes, but not limited to: Site Work, Detention/Retention, Engineering, Foundation, Building, Erection, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Air, Interior Build-Out, Landscaping, Overhead Cranes, Parking Lots, Exterior Lighting or any other specialized needs such as ADA Compliance, Energy Compliance, Right-of-Way Compliance as well as Windstorm Compliance and Certification.]

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Do our Buildings meet Windstorm Requirements... ?

[Our buildings are engineered to meet or exceed the Windstorm Requirements for the building's exact location. We will issue you a copy stating the fact that the building was manufactured to meet the appropriate windcode. If we are doing a complete turn-key project for you - then our engineers will file with the State of Texas the WP-1 and WP-2 forms necessary for the State to issue a WP-8 form - showing compliance - in order for you to get windstorm coverage from your Insurance Company.]

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How Long Does It Take - Timeframe... ?

[Every building is different in nature. Timeframes can fluctuate for many reasons. The average rule-of-thumb is anywhere from 30 days to 3 months. From the time a contract is signed we have about 2-3 weeks before we receive the Engineered Drawings. At this time we will meet with you and show you the drawings to make sure this is the exact building you want (example: windows, doors, overhead doors, vents, openings, etc.) Once you sign off on the drawings - they are sent to the manufacturer for production. Production can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the building. During this time is when (if it is a turn-key project) that we pull all permits, complete the foundation and everything else necessary to receive the building. When the building arrives - we will have our Erectors present, to unload and receive the building at the location. The Erectors immediately start staging/erecting the building. This normally only takes a few days. At this point, we start completing any additional interior work that is required. ]

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What Areas of Texas Do You Build In ... ?

[We are located South of Houston between Houston and Galveston. Naturally we would prefer to build in our immediate area - Harris, Galveston, Brazoria and Fort Bend Counties, however, we are not limited to "only" these areas. We will build and/or ship/supply buildings anywhere - including other States.]

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