From Our Company President & Chief Operations Officer




We at Synergy are pleased that you chose to view our website. Since its conception we have strived to provide a website that is knowledgeable as well as informative.



Bill Pruitt – CEO/President


I have been in and around construction all of my life. I grew up in a construction based family. Many of the Industrial – Chemical Plants around Texas City/Pasadena areas have had dealings with the Pruitt Family in some way. My Dad was a home builder among other things; building (52) homes in his lifetime.


On the other hand I have been involved in building steel buildings, tenant finish-outs and general construction for Industrial and Commercial locations all over the United States. I am also a Licensed Real Estate Broker and have been for over (40) years. At one time, I was the Texas Branch Manager for Lumbermen’s Investment Corporation, providing construction approvals and lending throughout Texas.



Beverly Pruitt – Chief Operations Officer


Beverly joined Synergy in 2010 and soon became a vital part of Synergy as well as becoming Bill’s wife in 2013. She is responsible for day-to-day operations of the corporation as well as being our in-house designer. She has designed the interiors of several homes, office buildings, and other buildings since joining Synergy.  She has a background in Management and Supervision that is unsurpassed.


Whether it is Site Location, Construction, Mortgage Banking, Finance or any other phase in getting the building you want – Come in and see us or give us a call!


We can definitely help in getting you the building that you want! – At a price you can afford!